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Welcome to Casino Cricket Club

Info Brochure

Download the Information brochure and start your cricket journey

Mission Statement

As Casino Cricket Club members and volunteers, we commit to the following:

  • 1. To foster the growth of cricket in our region through promoting Casino Cricket Club membership.

  • 2. To value and support the enjoyment and participation of all players regardless of their age, gender or ability.

  • 3. To pursue competitiveness and success at the highest level possible as the Casino Cricket Club.

  • 4. To make a positive contribution to our local community.

Sponsor Opportunity

Be part of a community sporting club

Get involved as a sponsor

As a local sporting organisation we are focused on providing the vehicle for community involvement in cricket. This includes maintenance and replacement of our cricket assets to allow for a sustainable future for cricket and improved facilities for our community. In the modern environment, it takes considerable planning to finance a sporting club.
Casino Cricket Club is committed to a healthy balance of player fees, sponsors, fundraising, and grant acquisitions. Your sponorship plays an important part in our funding ecosystem.

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